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From Athlete to Athlete...

As a former NFL player, Shawn D. Stuckey understands, on a personal level, the importance of each case and its true impact on the athlete.  His partner, Everett L. Glenn, has a long and storied tradition of helping athletes - including representing several prominent first rounders in the NFL draft.  Shawn and Everett and their team of legal professionals comprise the only workers compensation firm in the State of California who have both former NFL agents and former NFL players as lawyers.

Shawn and Everett have devoted their lives to helping athletes from all areas of sports understand their rights and together have been a part of some of the largest legal cases involving sports and workers compensation.

This area of law can be very complex and difficult to navigate. Many times players have no idea of the true value of their cases and the benefits they deserve. What sets this firm apart is an unwavering commitment to place the long-term well-being and healthcare of the interests of the injured worker first. 

This commitment to helping the injured worker has directly resulted in changes in case law that have and will continue to benefit injured workers and athletes for many years to come. As former players and NFL agents who know what athletes go through, Shawn, Everett, and the legal professionals at Glenn, Stuckey, & Partners, LLP are committed to helping you.

Former NFL Player Turned Lawyer - Shawn D. Stuckey

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